Swiss Rossmax One Year Warranty Oximeter – 1




Product details of Swiss Rossmax One Year Warranty Oximeter – 1

  • Accurate pulse oximeter – Rossmax SB100 is the number one choice of finger pulse oximeter to spot check oxygen saturation in blood and pulse rate
  • Pulse strength indicator – Rossmax pulse oximeter is calibrated to display functional oxygen saturation in % Sp02 and pulse rate in BPM – with instant warnings displayed for abnormal readings
  • Reliable health monitor – The Rossmax Pulse Oximeter can provide precise measurement of the blood saturation levels through simple attachment to the fingertip, the ambient flaps design eliminates ambient light effecting the accuracy of the readings
  • Two way, two color OLED display – With its LED display the Rossmax SB100 pulse oximeter reads oxygen concentration and heart rate non-invasively whenever and wherever you want to. Rossmax pulse oximeter is a light weight device, safe and comfortable to use.
  • Portable health management tool – Each product goes through rigorous testing to make sure you get the best quality digital pulse oximeter possible. Excellent customer service will help you for any problems.



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