Chanel Chance EDT 50 ML




Product details of Chanel Chance EDT 50 ML

  • A complete perfuming ritual for the bath and body is also available to enhance the fragrance trail,
  • Top notes: quince and grapefruit;
  • Heart notes: hyacinth and jasmine;
  • Base notes: musk, iris, virginia cedar and amber

CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette was launched in 2010 as a fruity-floral reinterpretation of the iconic. The elusive character of life and the unpredictability of the opportunities it offers also inspire the floral-fruity fragrance in a round bottle. Soft and tender top notes sweep you into a whirlwind of happiness and fantasy. An olfactory encounter with chance

Just like the other fragrances from the same line, this scent urges you to take action and receive any chance with open arms and no fear. However, we are talking about a much more romantic take on the subject. In fact, the Chanel Chance Eau Tendre takes it one step further and presents us with a more feminine, fresher, and softer version. Based on this narrative, a charming and light olfactory experience is born. It starts with the green and fruity notes of grapefruit and quince. This freshness then blends perfectly with the delicacy of jasmine and white musk, resulting in a delightful fruity floral trail. When it comes to the falcon, the concept remains the same but with a feminine twist. The innovative round bottle that symbolically represents the wheel of fortune, comes to us in a pink fun style. Lastly, and as usual, this scent has a spraying form, providing an easy and generous application every time.



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